ADC Awards

Exploring narratives that blend the digital and physical universes and bring the location to the forefront of the story

ADC Awards


Founded in New York City, way back in 1920, the Art Directors Club is not only the longest-running award for the design, advertising, and creative industries but also one of its most prestigious.

We were honoured to be invited to create the complete campaigns for two different years of the Annual Awards. In a break from tradition, both of the festivals took place in Miami and our mission was to help with this transition, mentally relocating the participants to this new environment and hoping to inspire them with it.

On both campaigns, we collaborated with other animators to help lift our narrative with short films that played with the concept of how ideas evolve into new things.

Zeitguised - Motion Graphics & Postproduction (2015) 
Michael Fakesch - Sound and Music (2015) 
Marçal Vaquer - Photographer (2014) 
Tavo - Motion Graphics & Postproduction (2014) 
Flow Audio - Sound and Music (2015) 
David Mir - 3D Assistant (2014) 

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