Creating a platform to span the generation gap and share experience with talent



We partnered with Adobe and Academy Offf to create a mentorship programme that lets young creatives from around the world connect with established stars.

The challenge we faced was how to engage the audience and to remotely connect mentors with mentees at the same time as trying to bring the story behind each project to a wider public.

Creativity is multi-disciplinary and embraces different points of view so we set out to bring together voices from all over the world to create something new. The goal of this collective work was to combine varying styles and visions into a cohesive and unique story. The result used the language of social media to create an alter ego to explore the idea of hidden powers that can be unlocked.

Nathalie Koutia - Communication manager 
Berta Pfirsich - Photographer 
Laura Mata - Stylist & Art Director 
Rubén Marmol - Hair & Make up 
Filip Hammargren - Illustrator and animator 
Daniel Molina & Mikel Oriazola - Photo assistants

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