Design Beyond Technology

Creating a visual campaign to highlight the value of exploring new processes in industrial production

Design Beyond Technology


A campaign promoted by FAD Industrial Design Association which was born of the need to explore the relationships between design and technology and how they will evolve in the future. The fusion of emerging technologies is smashing down the traditional boundaries between the physical and the digital.

Design Beyond Technology is a project that serves a diverse collection of people from designers, engineers, tech companies and start-ups to universities and research centres. It also aims to inform the general public about the new ideas appearing at the intersection of design and technology.

The emergence of the Covid pandemic forced this conference to move online. Our job was to ensure that the new online format was coherent and worked with the offline version. We developed different resources for them to use across the various channels they use.

Guasch Studio - 3D design and animation (2021) 
Kambiz Aghdam - Sound and Music (2021) 
Marçal Vaquer - Photographer (2019)

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