OFFF Festival

Reimagining a creative festival and redefining their communication

OFFF Festival

Since 2013

OFFF is a global community of creatives: designers, motion designers, graphic designers, sound designers, thinkers, theorists, developers, professionals and students are all members of the diverse OFFF family. They all come together, online and in person, at events all over the world to exchange ideas and share their experiences and knowledge.

Founded over a decade ago, OFFF started as a concept which has mutated over the years, constantly staying relevant in a rapidly evolving creative world. OFFF has a simple goal at its heart: to be the most important meeting place for artists who share interests and ambitions. However, it is much more than just an event or a festival, OFFF is now a community working together to give an unrivalled experience.

We have been alongside the organisation throughout its life helping it to adapt to new challenges. This has included developing a new identity, a design and communication system, the design and development of websites and their native applications, the development of a ticketing platform for the event, and the creation of the OFFF 2021 global campaign.

The global pandemic unexpectedly forced the festival to adapt and become a fully virtual experience. To communicate this new format we created a concept and story for the campaign that was promoted with a film. The campaign introduced OFFF.INC - the corporation that generates portals to further worlds; doorways to creative dimensions interpreted by the unique vision of each OFFF artist.

The film portrayed different views through the minds of the artists, emphasizing the power of the network, rather than the individuality of each person.

Our challenge was to convey their values through an icon and create a visual system that works well with online and offline systems.

In 2013 we transformed the famous 3 “FFF” into one icon because we felt that the OFFF icon had become visually recognisable enough that it no longer needed to show the triple “FFF”.

Using this new system of a communication grid, the website becomes one dynamic block of content which is easier for the user to adapt to. This allowed us to recreate the whole website as a platform and as an archive of news, past speakers, new speakers, and events. A new clean, organised space.

Laura Mata - Creative partner 
Estudi Image - 3D design, Video direction and Animation 
Guasch Studio - 3D design and animation 
Bahar Ergul - Digital dress maker 
White Noise Lab - Sound design 
David Durà - 3D animator 
Futura Space - Virtual experience 
Leon Studio - 3D Scan

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